BZN At Silverstar

Legendary Jan Keizer and Anny Schilder, the original voices of BZN, will once again be taking to South African stages by storm for the official 40 YEARS Celebration.

During May 2016 the South African public can gear up for a trip down memory lane when BZN’s Jan Keizer and Anny Schilder will perform at Silverstar Casino, accompanied by a world class band. As music icons of the 70’s and 80’s, Jan and Anny received numerous gold and platinum awards for their work and even today they are as popular as they once were in South Africa.

Since the 80’s their iconic sound reached South African soil and became immensely popular within the country. Amongst their worldwide, top-selling hits are: Yeppa, Tonight, Wheels On Fire, Amore, Waltzing Maria, Le Légionnaire, Over The Hills, La France, Chrystal Gazer, Chanson d’Amour, La Saison Française, Mon Amour, If I Say The Words, The Old Calahan, Blue Eyes, A Young Girl’s Dream.


(This event finished on 08 May 2016)

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