The Mysterious ’A113′ Code In Our Favorite Animated Movies

The Mysterious ’A113′ Code In Our Favorite Animated Movies

Most of us, regardless of our age, loves Disney and Pixar animated movies. And if you have kids, chances are you have watched your child's favorite a gazillion times already, probably  (like your kid) knowing the words to every line and sing-a-long song in the movie.

But have you noticed the secret code "A113" that has been in all the Disney and Pixar movies throughout the years? You haven't? Look at the pics below, and we will reveal all at the end...

The license plate in Toy Story

The license plate in Cars

The license plate in Lilo & Stitch is...

The tiny tag in Ratatouille

This scuba-diver’s camera model in Finding Nemo is also A-113

The Incredibles: when Mr. Incredible got stuck on the A1 level...

In the Courtroom in Pixar's "UP"

On the lecture hall in Monsters University

In WALL-E, A113 was the directive to never return to Earth

In Brave

It even appeared in an episode of The Simpsons

А113 has also appeared in action movies like The Avengers, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Mission: Impossible

А113 is a number of a classroom at the California Institute of Arts. The first generation of animators studied graphic design and character animation in this very classroom. Many of the CalArts alumni became lead illustrators and graphic designers for Disney and Pixar Studios. Thus, ’A113′ secret code is a tribute to all their teachers, colleagues, and the alma mater itself.


And know you know too!


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